How it Works

How it works:

  • We are located in Florida and New York and will travel without a fee to Southern Florida and New York metropolitan locations. (We are equipped to film anywhere in the country for an extra travel fee.)
  • You have a choice of either a short or long documentary. We accommodate¬†your budget. You choose a twenty or forty minute film.
  • We call you to collaborate on story and style.
  • We pick a date to interview you and whomever else you would like to appear in your movie.
  • We arrive with a professional film crew.
  • We can travel to locations of your choice.
  • You provide us with photos, footage, and music that you would like to incorporate.
  • We provide you with a personalized documentary about your life that you can choose to share privately orpublicaly with family and friends.
  • We provide you with a DVD with cover art, a link to Vimeo , YouTube and a digital copy of the film.